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Digital Video

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This page will contain links to other Multimedia resources.  We welcome input from the user community and will include appropriate submissions here too.

Digital Video
The HSIT Multimedia group has acquired digital video components which permit the direct digital recording (via a digital camera) of both video and still photographs (e.g., slides) and the hardware to move these images sources onto PC.  General background information on the technology, and links to resource/vendor sites are provided.

Of particular note is that the time to capture a slide digitally can be reduced to several seconds/slide.  Although the resolution is less than that attainable by traditional slide scanners, it is more than adequate for the capture of images which will be shown exclusively on computer displays.

Other resources at UB

The Senior Vice Provost for Educational Technology has also funded an Educational Technology Center which is located on the North Campus.  This center provides complementary approaches to that provided by HSIT where-by faculty members are assisted in the development of course materials and also taught the software development / graphic art skills required to permit the faculty member to develop and maintain products on their own.

bulletTLC (formerly ETC) center

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