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Multimedia Project Requests

If you would like to request that our multimedia group meet with you to discuss possible development of software for you to use, please send Email to:

Dr. Tim Bleiler: 

Be you have reviewed the 'selection criteria' page first (button to the left if you haven't)

Note: The HSIT deans have discussed the benefits of shared case-based simulations, knowledgebases, imagebases, glossaries, and reusable code which could all contribute to a collaborative approach to software development across the five health science schools. They have also noted that the 'one person, one course, one program' approach is not in the best of HSIT. It is their current belief that the products should support the academic program of each school as well as contribute to cross-discipline collaboration and faculty development. The products should be accessible from a lab in any health professions school, from consortium hospitals, or from home.  Projects undertaken by the multimedia group will reflect this focus.

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