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Costituents In Brief
What is the HSIT?, Schools or HSIT?, Questions?
Constituents In Detail


Constituents In Brief

bulletVP of Health Sciences
bulletHealth Professions IT Partnership
bulletUniversity at Buffalo Health Profession Schools
bulletSchool of Dental Medicine
bulletSchool of Health Related Professions
bulletSchool of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
bulletSchool of Nursing
bulletSchool of Pharmacy
bulletUB Health Sciences Library
bulletWestern New York Health Sciences Consortium
/ Consortium Information Services
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What is the HSIT?

5 schools, 43 departments and partners (HSL and 12+ Hospitals) ...

HSIT is an administrative arm of the office of the Vice President for Health Sciences and the office of the Sr. Vice Provost for Educational Technology.  HSIT's charge is to serve as a tool for integrating Information Technology (IT) resources across UB's Health Science Schools, their affiliates, and other IT entities both within and external to UB.  HSIT exists to help our health sciences professionals utilize IT in the realization of their various educational, research, community and health care objectives.

In June of 1996, the deans of the five UB Health Profession schools signed a memo of understanding agreeing to explore the possibility of consolidating their IT support structures and of developing cross-curricular education offerings.  The 'service venues' envisioned by the deans included ten specific areas: 1) - 5) the five health professions schools, 6) the CHESC, 7) the Health Science Library, 8) the educational 'points of contact' within Consortium hospitals (taken as a whole), 9) the homes of faculty, staff and students and 10) selected distance learning venues.

In a separate effort during the same time frame, UB's Office of the Provost devised the Educational Technology Action Plan (ETAP) to consolidate and improve the academic Information Technology (IT) infrastructure at UB.  The ETAP has divided the UB academic landscape into IT functional units known as "nodes".  The general mission of these nodes is to assist in the development of their IT infrastructure and to support the IT efforts and development of faculty, staff and students. Future IT funding from the Provost’s office will be distributed through these nodes instead of separately to individual schools. Information on the Provost's ETAP initiative is available on the WEB at

The Health Professions IT Partnership (HSIT) is the result of combining these two initiatives.  As envisioned by the deans, HSIT is charged with representing the five Health Profession schools (Dentistry, Health Related Professions, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy), the Health Sciences Library, and the teaching hospitals / related entities comprising the Western New York Health Sciences Consortium.  Due to the size and diverse nature of HSIT’s constituents, it is easily the largest and most complex of the Provost's nodes.  HSIT is governed by a steering committee composed of the deans of the five health science schools, the director of the Health Sciences Library, the director of the Western New York Health Sciences Consortium, and the director of HSIT.  HSIT director's position was filled in November of 1997 and the director reports to the Vice President of Health Sciences.

Schools or HSIT?

The individual schools within HSIT retain their existing IT support organizations and these will serve as the primary points of contact in areas where they offer support.   HSIT will be working behind the scenes with these organizations to build collaborations and partnerships among them.  HSIT will also act as an independent entity you can turn to for the resolution of service complaints.  In other areas, such as the services of the multimedia group, HSIT will play the role of a primary service provider to all of the schools.  If you are in doubt as to who should be providing you with a particular service, please contact us and we'll track the answer down for you.  More details on HSIT current and future services can be found here.


If you're a HSIT constituent with specific interests, concerns or questions in areas where IT may in some way benefit your unit's mission - I would appreciate the opportunity of visiting with you to discuss them. Your concerns and interests cannot be addressed if they go unstated. I look forward to working with you in the development of a uniformly first rate IT infrastructure supporting IT savvy faculty, staff and students in the years ahead. - Brian Murphy, HSIT Director;; (716)829-3172/829-3456 FAX.

Constituents In Detail

bulletVP Health Sciences
bulletHealth Professions IT Partnership core
bulletUniversity at Buffalo Health Profession Schools (Administrative and Academic units)
bulletSchool of Dental Medicine
bulletIT oversight
bulletOffice of Information Resources
bulletOral Health Services & Informatics
bulletOral Biology
bulletOral Diagnostic Sciences
bulletOral and Maxilofacial Surgery
bulletPediatric Dentistry
bulletRestorative Dentistry
bulletSchool of Health Related Professions
bulletClinical Lab Science
bulletOccupational Therapy
bulletPhysical Therapy, Exercise Science and Nutrition
bulletRehabilitation Science
bulletSchool of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
bulletIT oversight
bulletOffice of Medical Computing
bulletDepartment links
bulletAnatomy and Cell Biology
bulletEmergency Medicine
bulletFamily Medicine
bulletNuclear Medicine
bulletPharmacology and Toxicology
bulletPhysiology and Biophysics
bulletRadiation Oncology
bulletRehabilitation Medicine
bulletSocial and Preventive Medicine
bulletStatistical Consulting
bulletUrology - Pediatric
bulletBiomedical Sciences (interdisciplinary graduate program)
bulletRoswell Park Cancer Institute
bulletExperimental Therapeutics
bulletCellular and Molecular Biology
bulletMolecular Medicine and Immunology
bulletSchool of Nursing
bulletSchool of Pharmacy
bulletBiochemical Pharmacology
bulletMedicinal Chemistry
bulletPharmacy Practice
bulletUB Health Sciences Library
bulletWestern New York Health Sciences Consortium / Consortium Information Services

A (*) indicates direct attachment to WNYHSC FDDI network

bulletKALEIDA Health (formerly "CGF Health Systems")
bulletBuffalo General Hospital (*)
bulletChildren's Hospital (*)
bulletMillard Fillmore Hospital, Gates Circle  (*)
bulletMillard Fillmore Hospital, Suburban
bulletCatholic Hospitals
bulletKenmore Mercy Hospital (*)
bulletOur Lady of Victory
bulletSister's Hospital (*)
bulletSouth Buffalo Mercy Hospital (*)
bulletSt. Joe's Hospital (*)
bulletErie County Medical Center (*)
bulletRoswell Park Cancer Institute (*)
bulletHealth Care Plan (*)
bulletIndependent Health (*)
bulletVA Hospital (attached to UB network)

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Health Professions Information Technology Partnership
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