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Business Associate Contracts for Data Extraction


Business Associate Contracts for data extraction services have been negotiated between UB and several Covered Entities (see below).

To perform services through one of these contracts, follow these procedures:

1) Contact the office of the UB Director of HIPAA Compliance (remove spaces: hipaa-compliance @ buffalo.edu or 829-3172x2) to confirm a BAC is appropriate in the context of the work you will be doing.

2) If so directed, download / read the appropriate BAC that will govern your activities (these are a function of who is employing you to perform the data extraction and where you will be doing the data extraction).  Both the individual(s) who will be performing data extraction activities and the PI(s) of the project should read and understand the obligations/constraints imposed by these contracts.

3) If so directed download, fully complete, and sign (BA and PI), the appropriate BA affirmation document and submit via campus mail, attn: UB director of HIPAA Compliance, 409 Abbott Hall, South Campus.

After a review of the affirmation and confirmation of employment, the Covered Entity and the BA will be notified of their addition to the appropriate BAC.

NB: An individual is added to a BAC only for a specific project and for a specific duration of time.  If the individual is participating on another project, then step (3) must be repeated for each such project.  Participating as a BA on one project does not automatically entitle you to act as a BA on another project.  The individual is automatically removed from the BAC, for a given project, after the expiration of that project as reported on the BA affirmation form.

CE: Erie County Medical Center Corporation

bulletBA: Research Foundation Employee (BAC, BA affirmation)
bulletBA: UB Foundation Activities (BAC, BA affirmation)
bulletBA: SUNY (pending)

CE: KALEIDA Health System

bulletBA: Research Foundation Employee (pending)
bulletBA: UB Foundation Activities (pending)
bulletBA: SUNY (pending)

This material is designed for internal University at Buffalo use only and is copyrighted.  Information and documents available on this site may be freely copied and used with appropriate attribution to the University at Buffalo.  None of the information on these pages should be construed as legal advice or expert opinion with respect to how any particular function or entity engages in work to come into compliance with HIPAA.
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